Black Swift is able to stream up to 720p30 video from UVC-compatible web cameras over network. Camera must support MJPEG hardware encoding, but in fact most modern midrange webcams support it.

Actual resolution and frame rate depends on the network bandwidth. With 100 Mbps Ethernet connection, 720p30 is guaranteed; with Wi-Fi connection, bandwidth depends on the distance between Black Swift and Wi-Fi router, other Wi-Fi networks on the same channel, other Wi-Fi devices in the same network, et cetera.

Software configurationNB: default Black Swift firmware comes with mjpg_streamer preinstalled, so there's no need in steps 1 to 3.

  • Install mjpg_streamer with opkg update && opkg install mjpg_streamer command.
  • Create /www/webcam folder — mkdir /www/webcam
  • Create /www/webcam/index.html file — nano /www/webcam/index.html:

        <title>MJPG-Streamer - Stream Example</title>
          <img src="/?action=stream" />
  • Edit mjpg_streamer config file with nano /etc/config/mjpg-streamer command:

    config mjpg-streamer 'core'
            option enabled '1'
            option input 'uvc'
            option output 'http'
            option device '/dev/video0'
            option resolution '1280x720'
            option fps '30'
            option www '/www/webcam'
            option port '9000'
    #       option username 'openwrt'
    #       option password 'openwrt'

    Change resolution and fps options according to your hardware. If you need webcam access to be password-protected, uncomment username and password options.

  • Connect your webcam to Black Swift USB port
  • Start mjpeg_streamer — /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer start
  • If you want it to autostart on boot, enable it with the /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer start command
  • Point browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet to http://<black-swift-IP-address>:9000/
  • A view from 9th floor in Moscow, and I'm not sure how to make this cheap OEM webcam realize it's not 2013 anymore.