Black Swift supports various Wi-Fi mode — standalone access point, client, or bridge between two networks.

Default settings is AP mode, SSID BlackSwift, no encryption, IP address.

Web interface: connecting to existing network (client mode)Easiest way to change network settings is to use LuCI web interface — the same interface you can find on OpenWRT wireless routers.

If Black Swift configured in AP mode (default configuration), connect your PC or tablet to BlackSwift network. No password required.

Launch web browser and type in the address bar. Login page will open:

Default login is root, default password is admin (this can be changed in LuCI web interface as well).

Click Network → Wi-Fi:

Here we can see the board is in Master (AP) mode now. To join existing Wi-Fi network as a client, click Scan button:

In a few moments list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear. Choose network that's right for you and click Join Network:

Type WPA passphrase, choose network name you like and assign this network to lan firewall zone, otherwise you wouldn't be able to reach router afterwards (default assignment is wan, and default firewall settings blocks incoming connections from WAN interfaces):

Click Submit, wait a few seconds, click Save and Apply. Black Swift will turn off AP mode, switch to Client mode and connect to your existing wireless network.

If something gone wrong (e.g. you entered incorrect passphrase) you can restore Black Swift with factory reset button or change Wi-Fi settings via serial or Ethernet interfaces, if you have any one of them available.