Among other languages, Black Swift supports Python — immensely popular scripting language. Python interpreter can be installed using opkg utility.

  1. Log in to Black Swift board via SSH
  2. Update list of available packages with opkg update command
  3. All Python related packages can be listed with opkg list python* command
  4. Necessary packages can be installed with opkg install <package name> command, e.g.

opkg install python
opkg install python-openssl python-bzip2 python-gzip

Please note there are two versions of Python distribution:

  1. python-mini — compact version without some modules included, requires about 1.4 MB. Run okpg install python-mini to install it.
  2. python — full version. It depends on python-mini, so the latter will be installed as well; total occupied flash space is about 3.7 MB. Run opkg install python to install both python and python-mini packages.

Here is the comparison of python and python-mini (as of May 2015, python 2.7.3-2): openwrt-python_2.7.3-compare.pdf