Embedded World Conference

We are incredibly happy to announce that Black Swift will participate in Imagination Technologies, which take place in Nuremberg, Germany, on February 24-26th.

Black Swift demonstration boards — specially designed for the event — will be presented at Imagination Technologies booth: hall 4, booth 4-671. Demoboards were created from scratch in just two weeks to show Black Swift's abilities — working with GPIOs, including complex communication protocols such as HD44708 alphanumeric display or DHT22 temperature and humidity sensors, using AVR as peripheral microcontroller with ability to flash it directly from Black Swift, without need for separate AVR programmer. And last but not the least — easiness of creating web interface with dynamic PHP pages, AJAX support, and two-way communication with board's core software using UNIX sockets.

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We Are Not Raspberry Pi. Why?

The number one question everyone is asking us is "Guys, but what is the difference between Black Swift and Raspberry Pi?". Both are very small computers running Linux, so why anyone should choose Black Swift instead of more popular and well-known Raspberry Pi?

Of course, they are different - and significantly different.

Raspberry Pi as most people and engineers know it - is, in fact, very small personal computer. It has all the corresponding features - in the first place, full set or I/O ports: full-sized USB connectors, HDMI, Ethernet, audio... It's ok if you want to build media player or smart home control center or simple NAS, but every magic comes with a price - RPi looks small only compared with conventional computers. But if you need an embedded computer, Raspberry Pi is quite big - 6x9 cm, including connectors.

(source: wikipedia)

It means that in most cases you just can't fit RPi in existing appliances nor use it as core computing module to develop something new - RPi is way too big for that. RPi is an external device, not embedded. Moreover, usually you don't need all those connectors nor huge computing power - at least because with embedded electronics you need to place user-accessible connector on the outer case of you device, not on the computing core deep inside ...
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